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【錬金マイスター】: ニーズヘッグ

"Renkin Meister": The Nidhogg








北欧神話では世界の終焉「ラグナロク」を生き延びる蛇だそうなので 「マヤ暦世界終焉Dayを生き延びたぜ記念」 の2012年12月21日に投稿!


使用ツール: Clip Paint Studio, Photoshop



An Illustration I did for iPhone, cellphone cardgame application, "Renkin Meister."

The Nidhogg.


The Nidhogg is a Nordic legendary snake-dragon like creature that is told to live through the age of "Ragnarok," the end of the world.


It seems that we have beaten the Mayan "the end of the days," so I decided to post this work today, Dec. 21 of 2012.


Tools used: Clip Paint Studio, Photoshop